Building Stones

A stone is ingrained with geological and historical memories.~ Andy Goldsworthy

Scott Batton, at the wheelhouse of the company loves history and the environment. He currently serves as acting President of Baltimore County Historical Society. Perhaps his love of history comes from the fact that his dad built one of the homes Scott lived in as a child on the foundation of a Civil War barn.

One of the perks of doing business in northern Baltimore County are the beautiful rolling hills he travels daily. Seeing old stone foundations scattered across Baltimore County often gives him something to ponder besides business when he travels from job site to job site. He often wonders about the origins of stone structures he sees now overgrown with kudzu, oriental bittersweet and other invasive vines.

Maryland has been a resource for gneiss, granite, sandstone and marble for builders of homes, obelisks, churches and municipal buildings throughout the generations. Ever wonder where in the State of Maryland all the stone comes from? Texas, Maryland is just one location but there are other notable quarries which have been suppliers of igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary building stones. Here is a great article on Building Stone of Maryland. Check it out! 

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