Digging up Relics

“The history of the world is not complete until it includes yours.” ~ LaRae Kerr, genealogist

The Battons have been in the business of building homes, churches and other structures for five generations. Over the decades many an artifact has been found while bulldozing a site for a foundation of a new home. It’s not been unusual to find primitive square nails, bricks bearing the names of Calvert or Homewood, which are now rare antiques, old blue Noxema bottles from the company George Bunting founded in Baltimore back in 1899 or vintage McCormick spice tins.

If you have an artifact found on your property during its construction or came across a piece of history between the walls of your historic home during a renovation project by a Batton builder hold onto the relic! It will become part of your family’s narrative about the home you live in.

Our legacy at Batton Builders, Inc. consists of stories of serving the home building needs of one generation and then the next and sometimes even a third. We’re honored there are clients who want to continue their family story of having a home constructed by a Batton builder.

Human longevity is increasing; corporate longevity is decreasing. Few family businesses have lasted long enough to tout “We’re one for the history books.”  A home built by Scott or one of his company’s namesakes is recorded in the memories of so many native Baltimore people.







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