Preservation Maryland

The purpose of today’s blog is to share resources for those who have questions about old properties they have purchased or are considering investing in. If you are seeking information about whether a home or structure is in a designated “historic district,” historical societies at the county level can usually steer you in the right direction. For instance, if you need information on a property in Baltimore County, contact the Historical Society in Baltimore County, it could be a good starting place.

A property is considered a “historic property,” according to dyed-in-the-wool preservationists, if a structure was built fifty years ago or more.

Knowing certain terminology used by historians is very useful when talking with a builder. There is difference between restoration, preservation, rehabilitation and stabilization. Preservation Maryland’s website has all kinds of very useful information about heritage fund grants and how to apply for them. There is also information about where to take tours and attend historic preservation workshops.  Partnerships and internships are available through their programs.

If you are keen on Baltimore County history, the Historical Society of Baltimore County offers a Sunday series of lectures that are always interesting. They recently brought the Smithsonian Waterways Program to the county, and it was well-attended.

Go to Preservation Maryland on-line. There are fascinating featured stories about really cool restoration projects all over the state such as at the Glyndon Train Station in Baltimore County.  An emphasis on Stewardship of Churches on the Eastern Shore is a fun read as is the Reuse Feasibility Study at Winstead Tobacco Packing Plant. Check it out, its fascinating stuff for all you history buffs!







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