Job Site Sensory Overload

“Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.” 
– Vladimir Nabokov

After their father passed away, Scott Batton’s twin sisters, Jan and Sue, were reminiscing about going with their father to his job sites when they were growing up. Their father, Fred (3rd generation Batton builder), liked showing his children the homes he was building for his clients. And the girls enjoyed seeing them. They also liked climbing up the ladders and walking across scaffolding. At times though, it was scary.

Jan said, “What I liked about going to the job site with Dad was the seeing the layout of the house – where the bedrooms, living room, bath, kitchen etc. were placed in the overall configuration of the house plans.”

“Yeah, that was fun. I have so many good memories of being a builder’s daughter,” said Sue, but, “best of all was the sensory overload I got when we got out of Dad’s pick-up truck and walked the grounds of the job site. In my mind, the smell was good enough to bottle.”

“What smell?” asked Jan. “I don’t understand.”

“Don’t you remember, Jan? That smell of tree roots unearthed and dirt freshly dug up by a bulldozer. It was so pungent.  Add to that the smell of the man glitter! There is nothin’ better!”

“Sue, are you having a senior moment or something? What are you talking about?  MAN GLITTER?”

Yep, Saw Dust = Man Glitter. 

Best Smells in the World – Freshly Bulldozed Earth and Saw Dust. Needs to be Bottled!

Anyone have a good idea for the label?

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