Time to Bring out the Statisticians?

We at Batton Builders, Inc. had a busy summer. It seems like with the blink of  an eye, spring and summer are gone and it is already October. That means it’s time to button up and prepare your home for colder weather.

Last winter, did you notice any places where it seemed like your home was loosing heat? If so, now is the time to speak with a contractor about insulation. For a very reasonable $100, if you are in the Baltimore area, you can have Baltimore Gas and Electric, aka BG & E to locals, come do an energy audit.  If you are outside of their service area, check with your own energy provider. Most suppliers like to have energy-wise consumers. Paul Theroux once said, “One thing about cold weather: it brings out the statistician in everyone!” so, don’t hesitate to inquire.

Here is a basic checklist to help you with a few basic tasks which will help prepare your home for winter and give you a little piece of mind.

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