Home Libraries

Did you know there has been a big change in trends when it comes to home libraries? To previous generations, Cicero’s famous quote “If you have a garden and a library you have everything,” was the whole-hearted truth. “Not so!” say men and women of today’s generation.

There are several reasons why the family garden patch is seen less frequently and an entire room dedicated to housing books is not as high in demand. As a society, we are no longer dependent on growing our own food, and literary tastes have changed too! Many people are purchasing electronic books (e-books), so precious space is not taken up with volumes of books. After all, in this day and age, people are more transient and are less likely to stay in one home for a lifetime and moving lots of books from place to place is not easy.

For some people, having a home library is still of utmost importance, and it is still the most frequently used room in the house, other than the kitchen. But if you would rather include a home library in your living space without constructing an entire room for books, here are a few stunning and creative ideas for old and young alike! 



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