Creature Comforts

We don’t know about you but your pets do! They idolize people whom they recognize treat them right. If you are anything like us, your pet becomes a part of the family and in many cases they rule the house.

More and more people who are having new houses built are looking for ways to make their homes more pet-friendly. You know, help their creatures fit in so pet bowls aren’t being tripped over in the kitchen, and spaces where the whole house doesn’t go to the dogs on bath days for the pup. Here’s an article with 8 pet-friendly home design ideas . Some of the suggestions can be easily accomplished with a small home renovation project, and it does not necessarily mean building a new home to accommodate for pets.

Don’t forget to be thoughtful toward your pet this holiday season and include them in your gift giving. You probably know from experience neglect can come back to bite you! Or worse, you might end up in the dog house!

Happy holidays from one dog house to another!



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