A Tip for the Season: Home Shows

“Always be a work in progress.” ~ Emily Lillian

Back in 1964 my parents took the family to the New York World’s Fair.  I was very young but my older siblings recall it.  They’ve talked about some of the futuristic things they saw such as the General Electric Pavilion which at the time featured ideas that seemed so very outlandish. Most of the household appliances have come to pass and have entered into many generations of progress beyond what was showcased back in the 1960s.  For example, today robotic driven vacuum cleaners are available.

So, in a New Year and in the new decade of 2020, we at Batton Builders, Inc. stop to ponder what the houses of the future will look like. How will science and technology drive how we function in and outside of our homes?  In the last decade the popularity of controlling things with a remote rather than the flip of a electric switch has increased significantly. We can now turn heat and air conditioning on and off from a remote location or lower storm shutters from a distance.

What’s next? What tools of our trade are coming down the track to make our jobs as builders easier? I am sure exhibitors at the spring construction trade shows, as well as at the home and garden shows, can’t wait to show us!

An inside tip from Batton Builders: The Maryland Home and Garden Show is January 25 & 26. If you register on-line ahead of time, admittance is free! 

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