Windows into History

“If history repeats itself, I am so getting a dinosaur.” ~ Anonymous

On many Sunday evenings if you had looked into the windows of the Batton house in Towson, Maryland in the 1960s, chances are you might have seen Helen and Fred and their four children sitting on Pier 1 cushions around a huge coffee table, in their sunken living room. You’d probably witness them dipping their forks into a cheese fondue pot having dinner! Helen loved the idea of being a bit bohemian but in reality, during that era, other families were having the same kind of dining experience.

Homes in the 1960s had other trendy things you’d “dig,” including neon colors such as the gigantic flowered wall paper on one big wall in the Batton kitchen. It was “groovy!” Wood paneling similar to what you’d have seen in the family room or in Fred’s in-home office for F.C.Batton & Son, Inc. lined the walls of many residences. “Far out” were the bright prints and patterns and textured carpets used in interiors. Scandinavian furniture was the rage, and open shelving was used frequently for room dividers. Remember “conversation pits?”  The Batton home had some of all of that.

At times, trends in home building and decorating repeats itself. What, if anything, would you like to see come back around from the 1960s? Scott Batton, the one at the head of Board of the Historical Society of Baltimore County might be all “bummed out” if you didn’t leave him a comment!

If you tune into this site frequently, one day we will show you authentic pictures of the Batton’s late 1960’s contemporary home. We need to dig them out of the archives!


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