Making a List

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We are betting you, like many others, have not spent this much time within the walls of your home in a stones age. You’re probably building a new relationship with your abode and the people inside it.

Mandatory stay-at- home rules will cause people to notice things they hadn’t before. The walls in the kitchen need refreshing, the carpet has gotten dingy or the bath needs reworking for more efficiency in space.

Perhaps you’ve found spending more time at home with the family has had its rewards and you want to get back to that. But now that the children are getting bigger a family room would help you all enjoy more time together.

Now’s the time to make a punch list of home improvement projects. Before the quarantine is lifted it’s a great time to call on the experts and explore your options. There may be lots of people looking for side jobs.




Thinking about a home renovation project or custom home build?

Feel free to reach out. We are happy to come to your property to start the estimate process at your earliest convenience.