Promise Kept


Some months ago a blog post about homes of the 1970s appeared on this site.

We made a promise we’d dig through our family history pictures and post photos of the 1970s contemporary home our father Fred Batton built. He was third generation Batton Builder.

Well, it’s been on the “honey do list,” and with the stay-at-home order from the President and other government officials more time has been spent at home and the box of family photos has been pulled out.

Our family home had all the bells and whistles which were “hip” at the time. It was a big departure from the colonial style homes our Dad was accustomed to building.

Anyone have any photos of a 1970s contemporary home built by F.C.Batton & Sons you’d like to share with us? If so send us a digital photo or post it on your Facebook page but mention the builder so we see it, please!! My Dad was so busy building he never took time to photograph many of his custom built houses. Or perhaps there’s old canisters of film sitting around in the family archives waiting to be developed!

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