To: Fathers Who Are in Heaven

Sunday is a tribute to Fathers everywhere but particularly to the guys who were at the helm of the Batton construction company before the fourth generation took command. Our great grandfather, grandfather and father all anchored the company and built a firm foundation.

The way we do business, the tools we use and the types of projects have changed over the decades but what has continued is an interest in doing all we can to make our clients dreams come true. Whether it’s in the form of a new home, an addition of existing building, a commercial project or a place of worship, we Battons are builders at heart!

Did you know back in the 1960’s our father built us kids a houseboat? It’s where many memories were made of our travels up and down the Chesapeake! Nearly every weekend for many years we four kids fished, swam off the deck, crabbed and played until our hearts were content in the water.  Here is a photo of Battoney’s Barge! What exciting times we had during some of the worse storms. Often times we had to find anchorage on islands on the Bay and hunker down inside until the storm passed.

We are missing our Father and Grandfather and their stories about the man at the head of the family in the first generation of the Batton Building business. Much of the work he did was on a church in Washington, DC. We wished we had been paying closer attention to family stories so we could remember more of the details.

On this Father’s Day we’d like to remind everyone to “Cherish and listen to your Father!”


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