Hidden Rooms

“The only true vision comes from….the inmost recesses of the human mind.” ~ Orson Scott Card

If you joined us last time, our blog post included mention of Ida Brown, a pioneering woman architect licensed in Maryland who admittedly didn’t see much sense in building traditional rooms if they weren’t going to get used.

Would she have endorsed the idea of highly used hidden rooms? If you are a baby boomer you probably remember how some houses back in the 1950’s had hidden bomb shelters.¬†Well, hidden rooms have gotten a whole lot more interesting since then. Check out this article about 35 Curious Homes with Secret Rooms Inside.

Don’t want to build a whole secret room, you say. Bogus bookcases, hush-hush cupboards and secret seats are ideas for custom home designs too. There may be something in it for you! Consider your needs when having your home designed.

We at Batton Builders, Inc like putting our thinking caps on! Seems like something “fishy” is going on in this basement. What do you think they are building?

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