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The wind is howling today. Appro I suppose! The ghosts and goblins of Halloween are not yet a distant memory and perhaps a foretelling of tomorrow’s election is bound to bring a storm of conflicted emotions! Who knows. We are hoping for peace and calm in the aftermath.

It’s that time of year when we need to insulate ourselves from harsh conditions. If you have to be inside, you may as well be comfortable. We have dug up an article from Popular Mechanics which we hope will be helpful – 10 Tips for Winterizing Your Home.

We’d like to leave you today with this thought:

” To your enemy, forgiveness

   To an opponent, tolerance

   To a friend, heart

   To a customer, service

   To all, charity

   To every child, a good example

   To you, respect.”

Have a hardy November! We are grateful you visited this website!



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