Preserving the Past

Happy New Year from Batton Builders, Inc. We at Batton Builders are all for moving forward but since the man at the head of the wheelhouse, Scott Batton, is also at the head of the Board of the Historical Society of Baltimore County he often gets word about stories of the past. Such is the one we’d like to share with you today.

Do you remember going to Drive-in Movies? It was fun, wasn’t it? All the kids crammed in their parents car in their p.j’s. The challenge was to stay awake till the end of the movie!

Well, in this day and age it seems like a feasible, safe alternative to sitting in enclosed movie houses where ventilation is “limited.”

Preservation Maryland has a project which would rekindle viewing movies from the comfort of one’s automobile.  Here is an article we’d like to share with you.

Ok! If you read the article you can now sing Auld Lang Syne. We look forward to bringing you new posts in 2021! 

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