Preserve List

So, you finally made your purchase of an historical property but there’s some work to be done. Preserving the integrity of an historical home or building is important to history buffs. It takes special skills. materials and knowledge to restore and preserve the value of an old building.

Preservation Maryland is an organization designed to help others with their historical project. Their resources include PreserveList. Contractors who are knowledgeable and have experience with historical properties and preserving a building’s period authenticity are registered with Preservation Maryland.  Here is a link to PreserveList.

We at Batton Builders, Inc are proud to be on this list along with other fine contractors, in many different trades, who are able to obtain just the right materials and resources to help you add value to your treasured antique building or home.

Our company was proud to be involved with a recent historical preservation project at

Lovely Lane United Methodist Church in Baltimore, Maryland


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