At Ground Level

“There is no timber that has not strong roots among the clay and worms.” ~ John Millington Synge

To sons and daughters of home builders, spring is synonymous with several scents and sites – piles of dirt, and piles of lumber. Each have very unique odors. The season after a long winter means site excavation for new home starts.

To the Batton Family, spring always means mud-caked shoes and boots sitting outside the door. You’ll know exactly what we’ve been doing – mucking about in a freshly dug foundation or planting a garden. We are rooted in both. 

The newest generation of Batton children have already found a healthy supply of worms to play with this spring even though it still just a little bit early to haul out the rototiller. Oh joy!

How about you? Do you like digging in the dirt? Try it! It’s surprisingly good for the soul. There has been a real uptick of interest in home gardening as a road to wellness. Check out this article.



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