Historical Context

Bare Hills Schoolhouse, Baltimore, MD

Over the years, we’ve spoken with individuals who are considering buying and moving historical homes. It is sometimes done, but the reasons for doing so must be carefully considered. To true historical preservationists, keeping the integrity of the entire property is of utmost importance.

We have been watching decisions concerning the fate of the Scott House. It was facing a potential move, but in the end the Baltimore County Historic Landmarks Commission voted to leave it just where it is in the Bare Hills Historic District.

Why? “Not only would a move take the Scott House out of its historic context, and highly visible and prominent location on Falls Road, it could potentially also cause irreparable damage to the structure,” said the commission. That’s reason enough. But, if you want to read more about this project and where this property of historic value is located, check out this latest article, published on January 29, 2021.

If you are considering purchasing an historic property and considering moving it, there are resources to help you with wise decision-making. The Historic Society of Baltimore County is a great place to start. They can steer you to the right organizations, contractors and construction companies who are knowledgeable about preservation, and restoration matters.

The guy at the wheelhouse of Batton Builders, Inc. says “He loves history and the preservation of it!”

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