Managing the Project

Batton Builders, Inc.

At Batton Builders, Inc we are grateful for the generation of men who came before us. We do all we can to preserve history because our ancestors have left us a long, proud legacy to preserve in the building business.

Once the use of subcontractors became common practice, logistical management became ever more important. The order in which things are done needs to be efficient with cost savings in mind along with heating and electrical systems installed in historical properties. Digitally operating HVAC systems are often by necessity because older parts are not available or too costly to maintain.

There is no need for you to feel left standing in the dark once your historical home or commercial property becomes owner occupied. Many property owners are not well versed in today’s electrical or HVAC systems. It’s not their forte. Long after a project is complete we at Batton Builders, Inc. are frequently asked to stick around. Retaining a property services company is a wise investment once the building restoration is complete.

We are a property services company on the Preserve List!

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