Make it Shine

Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles. ~ Thomas Browne

Visualization is a difficult thing for some people, as we mentioned when our journey into the blogging world began on March 13. Home renovation shows are interesting visual stories of challenge to triumph. People enjoy learning about incredible transformations.

Do you realize how many diamonds in the rough are out there on the real estate market just waiting to be revamped? Homes built in previous decades come on the market frequently. The baby boomer generation or their parents who may have previously occupied them are now either downsizing, moving into continuing care units, congregate housing or alternate senior care facilities.

Don’t discount the idea of snatching up a home built sometime ago. If you are not prepared to build a new house from the ground up or if you like the idea of re-purposing structures or restoring older homes, you may come up with a house that absolutely fits your needs and your style requirements by reworking floor plans, upgrading interiors and perhaps exterior appearances. In other words, by adding polish and embellishment the end result could be unique and impressive.

Let’s talk! You may have found a treasure!



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